SENSEX down! NIFTY down! The stock market is in a bloodbath!
Me: So what? I never had any money in stocks. Idiots put money in stocks.

Recession is no joke. It will impact everyone on the planet.

Not exactly. Recession is also once in a lifetime opportunity.
Some industry will gain when the world population is self-quarantined.

Practical Recession Survival Guide

The digital world will become the real world. Tourism will be the most affected industry, better stay away from it for time being.


It’s not the best time to switch job. The job market will get harder.
And try not to get fired, most companies are going to cut back on employees, because of recession. Create dependency on the work you do. That’s how you become a highly valuable resource.

And be prepared before a layoff. Be active on LinkedIn. It’s about creating a personal brand. Put out content. Send that invitation request to HR. Update your CV. It’s just Instagram for work!

Best time to invest?

Honestly, I don’t know. Nobody knows! It’s not possible to predict the bottom of the market. But a lot of money could be made if you invest correctly.

Everything is on sale for a discount. But don’t go into the market without learning. And don't burn your emergency fund for buying into stocks. No one knows when the market will rebound. Invest only what u can afford to lose.

2k to 800 something
some of the big players

A small misconception many have, by investing in gold or similar commodity you don’t have to buy physical gold. (This is just one method)
* Gold mutual funds
* Paper gold
* Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
You can even buy gold on Phonepe and Paytm.

Take a loan

India will also slash the rate soon

Do this only if you can handle it. Interest rates will be slashed during the recession. Take a loan and generate cash flow for paying up the loan.
Simple example.
Buy a house on loan, rent it out. Payback the loan from rent money.Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself

Do what your future self would have wanted you to do today.

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