Microservices have taken the software industry by storm. Transitioning from monolith to microservice architecture enables you to deploy your application more frequently, independently, and reliably.
In today’s world, Kubernetes and containers are the de facto standards for running microservices applications. But it brings in a whole new set of problems.

I started with the journey of writing articles as my 2020 new year resolution, publishing one article every month. Yes, it’s September 2020 already and I screwed up with August month’s, and here I am publishing it now.

Now its time for some introspection and questioning one’s existence.

the different us

What is the meaning of life?

Disclaimer: You…

There is this stigma with a self-help book, that they are lame. Well, I won't argue, but when something is backed by science better listen to it.

“If you want better results, then forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead”.It’s …

wait.. what? Cognitive?

cognition refers to the process of thinking. Cognitive psychology is a scientific study of the mind as an information processor!

Cognitive biases are the limitation of objective thinking, glitches in our brain. It happens because the brain takes shortcuts to process information.

The shortcut isn't always bad.

Getting started is the most difficult part.
This is a practical guide to get started, no bullshit let’s get straight to the point.


Stock market/Share market/ Equity market: It is the place where ownership of a company is sold and bought. What we buy/sell is share of the company. Share…

That beeping SMS on phone: “An amount of xxxx….Salary credited”
The moment when we feel rich.
And a couple of days later…..

Well, you know how that feels!

Finance, Tax, Budgeting, Stock market, this sounds gibberish. But it really isn't. It’s the only practical thing we should have learned in school. …

Pradeek Mohandas

Insta : https://bit.ly/instaPPM Tech Savy | Engineer | psychology enthusiast

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